Company Overview


Executive Search d’Afrique (ESDA) is a BEE compliant executive search company incorporated in South Africa. Although registered as a company since 2005, it has been operating as a close corporationsince1996.ESDAspecialises in niche executive search across the African continent with special focus on Southern Africa and Francophone regions. ESDA concentrates on competency-based Human Resources solutions. We provide an equitable platform for all to participate in our economy. Our service goes beyond simple placement and Industrial Relations consulting to become an extension of your HR capability.


We call the triangle in our logo the Golden Triangle. Our business has three important players: Client, Candidate and Consultant. It is our job to build, nurture and develop the relationship between these three.

As a client:
you are looking for the best possible outcomes to your search. We see that you get an assessment of the available talent selection and help you to choose the best fit. When the candidate joins, we strive to ensure that you get a happy and motivated player in your team. We work towards becoming a partner in your endeavours. We focus on getting to know your organisation beyond just making placements so that when you need us you are briefing a team who understands your needs.

As a candidate:
You have goals and plans. We work hard on finding out what those are to ensure that your move makes a meaningful and positive change in your life. If it doesn’t, you walk away and we contact you about other promising options. We aim to help you grow and achieve your life goals. We believe you are as much a client as the corporation retaining us.

As consultants:
We work towards delivering satisfied candidates who will slot in with your long-term goals. This in turn builds long-term supplier-client relationships. We strive to go the extra mile and nurture openness and co-operation with you. Our most precious commodity is the standing and reputation we have built over more than 30 years in the marketplace.


Our research capability and years of experience have enabled us to work across many industries including: IT, Banking and Finance, Pharmaceutical and Medical, Mining, most disciplines of Engineering, Education, Manufacturing, Automotive and NGOs. We have a Boardroom practice, providing non-executive Directors to complement your Board’s needs. Our expertise in competency based techniques affords us the opportunity to work across the spectrum of public and private sectors over 60% of our work is based at senior Management and Board level.

We also run a board practice. We are able to provide non-executive directors to complement your board’s needs.

International affiliation

Executive Search d’Afrique is based in South Africa and France. We have associations with several multinational colleagues and are able to offer you international reach in many countries. That is why we are able to conduct in depth search with international stretch and offer clients the facility of sourcing the best available leadership talent, worldwide.

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