Our Approach & Ethics


In today’s business climate, many clients have understandable concerns about issues of integrity, especially the bottom9line driven sales approach that forces consultants to make the sale. We believe that clients are entitled to owner9driven solutions and prefer to retain an exclusive positioning. We are therefore not subject to the bottom9line pressures that large consultancies need to adopt.

As a result you get an objective, considered solution that takes into account what is best for your company.

  • In an industry environment such as yours we would only work for a single client because you deserve a consulting firm that can give you full industry exposure.
  • Once we have placed candidates, we never re9approach them for other positions.
    If clients agree to work with us exclusively, we do not headhunt in their organisation for two years after the last assignment.
  • We would like to develop a partnership with you. This means that we would be privy to sensitive information and understandably you would like to protect your position. We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements if required.

Our database:

With over 20 years in the recruitment industry, we have built up a substantial current database of over 17,000 candidates, of which at least 40% of previously disadvantaged individuals. We also have access to various proprietary databases.

Our accuracy:

To eliminate the possibility of ‘halo effect’ resulting from the consultant inflating client and/or candidate expectations, we have evolved an operating process based in the assessment of competencies. Before each assignment we meet with the client to get mutual agreement on a highly detailed job and person specification. This is used as the benchmarking tool to identify the right candidates. Using this process, we have not had one ‘fall-off’ 9 i.e. where clients have had to invoke their guarantee terms – in over five years.

Our guarantee period:

Our competency-based process makes us quite confident of the quality of our delivery. We see little point in setting a fixed guarantee period because performance criteria differ by position. We therefore negotiate guarantee periods depending on how long it will take you to assess the new incumbent.
Guarantee periods usually range from three months to a year.

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